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This is a webpage that is supposed to be a recreation of my old Tripod website. To be more specific this is done for nostalgia. A large portion of this site is close to how I remember the original being. But I did have to make a few changes. Most these changes are for the better. The code is a lot more clean and optimised when compared to the old website, some things I liked as a kid and had on this site aren't going to be put back. This is either because I remember nothing about it. Or I just don't like it anymore. But mostly the first one!

When I was younger I used my website like a social media page, where I would just write whatever opinions I had about something on the page for that. Sometiems I would create stuff and share it but not often. That is what I am going to do with this site aswell. Although the first goal is to try and get it as close to how I remember the original being as I can.

To the left of this div is a navigation bar. On this bar you can visit different pages on my website, These pages are based around a certain subject that is clearly stated in its name. There are headers that split the page into media types. Then under the header are links to the pages about that thing. Shows and games of the same thing will be seperate. For example Pokemon is both a show and a game. So they are split, meaning there is a page for the Pokemon games and Pokemon anime.

Even to this day I am very poor at backing up my data. I refused to pay for Mediafire back in the day and never took good care of my Haed Disks. Because of that I do not have the source code for my old website. This is probably a good thing because the code on that would make a grown man vomit. I was young so I can laugh about it now luckily. Anyways because of that there were going to be a few changes from the original. But instead I've decided to embrace this and turn this website into a more modern version! Like as if I was still running this site and didn't give up midway through secondary school.

I will also be keeping track of all changes made to this website. There is an update section where for each update I will write what was changed. I am also keeping an up to date word document. This will be like amanifesto for this website and will go into a lot more detail about this site than I do here. I will specify all things changed that I can remember. List things that need to be fixed and loads of other specifics about the site. If you care about seeing this then you can click on the documentation tab and download the word document for yourself. That is a lot of work obviously. So I am also listing an update log on the website itself. If you click on the changelog tab you can then see a record of each update and what has been changed on them. You can also go to the future changes tab. On that you can see what things I am working on next and will be coming.

As a quick reminder. This is just a hobby for me. I am a uni student so I don't get a lot of time for myself that I can use to work on personal projects. But trust me. If I was going to give up on this website and end support. I would update the site to state that I am. So for as long as it doesn't say the site is dead. I am still working on it. And just struggling with time. Another reminder. I will be backing up this website on the wayback machine each time it gets updated. This will be done to help preserve the development of this site and for history.

About Me

Hey! I'm Jacqueline! I live in the UK. I'm a software developer student who loves old web 1.0 design and athetic. That was one of the main reasons why I am developing this site. As Neocities allows users to live throught the 90s and early 2000s period of the web. Although I have seen users use Neocities to host serious and well designed websites. And also seen users just post white pages with a single H1 tag that does nothing. Those are websites I don't like too much. I love anime! I've been watching anime since I was young. Because of that a lot of this website will have posts about anime. Sailor Moon isn't my faveourite anime but it is definetly up there. Sailor mercury is my faveourite one! My faveourite anime is Ghost in the Shell. I also like other anime. Such as Dragon Ball Z or Naruto.

I also really like video games! I have played way too many and most the stuff on this site will be from video games! My fave ever is the first Halo game. I could go on for hours about how much I love that game! I can even mod that game I like it that much! But again. I do play other video games too. For example I have recently been playing through Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. Another game I love to no end!

I mostly play video games on console. It gets better. I mostly play on Nintendo Switch. I know I'm a gamer girl who plays on Nintendo Switch. Atleast I dont' play nothing but Animal Crossing but hey, that shouldn't matter. I like my Nintendo Switch because I can take home console grade video games on the go. The PSP still blows me away with how good it is so the Switch is so cool to me! I do own other video game consoles aswell. I have an XBox Series X that I use a lot aswell. I have older video game systems. Such as an Original XBox, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and others. Although the other consoles have sadly broken now.

I love languages too! As can be seen in the corner I have studied a lot of languages. I am still going with that skill too. Learning new languages is great because it opens up more parts of the world that you can enjoy and experience. You can meet new people too! It is also great because it links t my other biggest intrest. That one is history! I love history so much! I like Japanese history the most. But I also love studying Russian history, Celtic history and Roman history. I even like going even further back and studying periods like the Jurassic and Ice Age. Yea I know it's really nerdy. But I've been a nerd girl since I was born. So hey I guess I don't have a choice.

As mentioned above. I go to uni for software development. This is because I love computers and have always loved them since I was young. So I made it my job! My faveourite coding language is Ruby. I develop a majoirty of my software in Ruby. Sadly in the year I am currently in we are forced to use Python. But going forward we will have freedom to use whatever language we want. Meaning I can sit inside my Ruby echo chamber. I don't hate windows but I do prefer using Linux. THis website is mostly developed using a Debian computer. But I am sure going forward I will be making updates using Windows 10 or Android. Which is another thing I really like! I love using Android. Sadly because I am poor, the only Android device I have is my Samsung A21. But going forward I do intended to buy a Galaxy Tab S7 and a better phone! If possible I would love to work as an Android Developer. My skills with Java and Kotlin are not the best however. So I imagine that might never happen. Unless I try really hard.

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